Bachelor Projects

    Project title: Lokalisation of Mobile Robots, Navigation in a Corridor
    Students: Christian Jon Veng Jensen, Mikkel Peter Sidoroff Gryning
     Report: 30-06-2009 Report.pdf  (in Danish)

    Project title: Vision in Industrial Systems
    Students: Anders Rohde-Petersen, Rune Yding Brogaard
    Videos: Project Demo
    Report: 30-06-2009 Report.pdf (in Danish)

    Project title: Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Mobile Robots
    Students: Christopher A. Ryther, Ole B. Madsen
    Videos: Hallway  Maze
    Report: 26-06-2009 Report.pdf

    Project title: Control of a Robotarm
    Students: Nicolaj Lindhard Jørgensen, Lasse Thorup Olesen
    Videos: Demo
    Report: 26-06-2009 Report.pdf